Well-known customers in the automotive industry and other sectors of the transport industry use FCMS’s software and services to optimize the configuration of their products and develop them through to series readiness faster than ever before. Our references emphasize not only the versatility of the Fast Concept Modelling tool suite in every phase of the product engineering process but also the enormous potential benefits it provides.

Innovative bodywork concept

The Hyundai Kia Automotive Group is also setting standards in the field of electric cars. Using the Hyundai i30 platform, the company’s stylists and engineers designed Hyundai’s HED-8 i-oniq electric concept car that has created a sensation due to the principles behind its drive technology as well as to the design of its bodywork and interior. It was possible to validate the innovative body concept extremely quickly using FCM. (Photo: Hyundai)

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Emission-free mail delivery

StreetScooter has launched series production of the first electrically driven utility vehicle for Deutsche Post, which has since acquired the Aachen-based start-up. It is being used for the emission-free joint delivery of letters and packages in certain postal districts. The engineers developed the validated body concept in just three months using the FCM tool suite.  (Photo: Deutsche Post)

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Process improvements during the early development phase

Working together with MAN Truck & Bus AG, CONTACT and Munich University have conducted a study of optimization during the early development phase. This provides practical recommendations for process improvements and presents a real-life example to demonstrate the considerable benefits that can be achieved. (Photo: MAN)

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