The FCMS suite of tools enables the functional validation of complex mechanical structures in parallel with their design in CATIA in every phase of the product engineering process. It includes tools for the fast creation of CAE-compatible parameterized models and the simple derivation of design sections in the packaging process. The geometry is transferred ready-to-run to common CAE tools in order calculate and optimize variants automatically.

Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) is an extremely time-intensive task because the CAD geometry has to be prepared separately for each type of simulation, such as NVH, CRASH, multibody dynamics, metal forming, fluid mechanics, etc. Using FCM, the simulation engineers instead create a CATIA-compatible CAE model in the form of a uniform master geometry that can be automatically updated after each optimization run. The bidirectional intermeshing of engineering and simulation permits the iterative optimization of the product geometry across every phase of the product engineering process.

The FCM Tool Suite

Fast Concept Modeller: Intuitive geometry modeling

The Fast Concept Modeller (FCM) is the perfect tool for the fast, intuitive generation of robust product geometries. Using just a few functions, it is possible to construct entire vehicles from profile-based shapes within a very short time. The simple, parametric structure means that it is an easy task to subsequently edit and modify the geometry.

The FCM is installed as a CATIA workbench and, as a CAA-integrated tool, can access any additional CATIA functions required. Thanks to the intuitive navigation system and the numerous automatic functions for controlling the geometrical elements, the software is very easy to learn and use. Users work directly in 3D mode and use the parametric-associative relationships to make their changes.

Fast Concept Modeller – Overview of functions

  • Generation of stable, profile-based shapes based on a small number of underlying objects
  • Comprehensive sheet forming functions covering areas such as perforation, ribbing, flanges, bracing and punching
  • Parts can be specified in even greater detail thanks to operations such as the stretching, bending or interlocking of individual objects
  • Intuitive control of the geometry thanks to the many automatic capabilities, combined with drag-and-drop operations from the CATIA compass

Functional Process Master: The transition to simulation and optimization

The Functional Process Master transforms parametric product geometry into meshed ready-to-run simulation models for all the simulation disciplines involved. Materials and load-related constraints, boundary conditions, etc. can be defined, managed and modified within CATIA using the FCM.

The meshing of the complete model or individual components, together with the associated joining technology, is also started from within the CAD system. The Functional Process Master supports cross-disciplinary optimization on the basis of the user’s existing CAE tools and makes the modified geometry available in CATIA again for further processing. In this way, it permits iterative optimization during all phases of product development from the concept phase through to SOP.

Functional Process Master – Overview of functions

  • Convenient management, modification and visualization of geometrical properties using the Property Manager
  • Preparation of the model geometry for meshing as a lightweight or solid structure (using FEM shells and/or FEM solid elements)
  • Definition of sheet thicknesses, materials data, joining technology including boundary conditions and loads, etc. for the control of external meshing tools directly in CATIA
  • Automatic derivation of replacement models (beam-shell models) that are significantly faster to calculate for efficient use in optimization loops during NVH and CRASH studies

Fast Section Master: Fast sections for packaging

The Fast Section Master simplifies the creation of package, design and test sections and consequently accelerates the examination of variants during the packaging process. The module sections, edits and saves even extremely large CATIA models in high quality and without storage space problems so that they can be used by downstream processes.

Unlike the standard functional scope in CATIA, the module can be used to move and realign all types of sketches. It also makes it possible to stretch geometries and it recognizes individual sequences of elements within a sketch.

Fast Section Master – Overview of functions

  • Generation of sections in both design and view mode
  • Not all the individual parts and assemblies have to be loaded to create a section
  • All types of sketches can be moved and realigned