FCMS GmbH and Dassault Systèmes Conclude CAA Adopter Agreement

Fast Concept Modelling & Simulation GmbH (FCMS), focused on the functional validation of virtual prototypes from within CATIA, is a new member of the CAA Development Community. DassaultSystèmes and the subsidiary of CONTACT Software have concluded a corresponding partnership agreement.

The company, part of the CONTACT Group and based in Munich, focuses on the functional validation of virtual prototypes from within CATIA using common simulation and calculation tools. The offering is geared towards the early phase of product development and the rapid creation of model variants, e.g. for the validation of concept cars and mechanical components or systems in the transportation industry (aviation, high-speed trains, etc.). The basis for this is provided by the innovative, CATIA-CAA-based Fast Concept Modelling (FCM) software, which allows a greater degree of automation and considerably expanded optimization options when using numeric calculation methods.

As a CATIA workbench, FCM ensures end-to-end process chains in the world of CAE, which is dominated by specialist tools. This enables companies to move more rapidly from the initial product idea to functionally validated model variants and concepts. “The collaboration with Dassault Systèmes within the framework of the partner program provides even better market access,” says Dr. Werner Pohl, Chief Technology Officer at Fast Concept Modelling & Simulation GmbH. “As a CAA adopter, we are part of a worldwide CATIA network, which facilitates the exchange of experiences with other experts.”

FCM is a unique solution that is already being used by major automotive OEMs and other customers. The concept tool supports the simple, rapid development of parametric geometrical models, going beyond the options provided by native CATIA parametrics, and controls the automatic definition of boundary and load conditions, assignment of attributes, networking, calculation and optimization in the loop. This means that companies can dispense with the laborious manual conditioning of CATIA models for computer simulation and speed up the entire development process significantly. FCM is an open system that uses readily available CAE software for the optimization loop and can be incorporated in an existing CAx environment with no special requirements.

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