By bridging the gap in the process chain between CAD and CAE and improving and accelerating the functional validation of the products, FCMS’s products and services permit faster, higher quality product development covering more variants than ever before. The feedback of the optimized geometry into the engineering process saves time, prevents errors and achieves industry’s long-sought goal of CAD-CAE integration in the field of virtual product development.

Faster to the finishing line

The FCM tool suite is used in all phases of the product engineering process in order to optimize product models and accelerate their functional validation. Fast CATIA modeling, CAE-compatible parametrics, multidisciplinary optimization and the feedback of the optimized CAE geometry to the design engineering process ensure a smooth transition between CAD and CAE. This ensures a high level of product maturity in the early phases in particular and greatly helps to shorten development cycles. As CAA software partner to Dassault Systèmes, we have access to the development tools and methods of the CAA Development Platform. As a result, our FCM tool suite is seamlessly integrated in CATIA and can be updated to V6 without difficulty.

Our solution extends CATIA’s capabilities by adding a parametric geometry that is particularly well suited for simulation work. This geometry accelerates the creation and modification of models and simplifies the task of preparing for simulation operations. It offers the following technical features:

  • Automated simulation and optimization of thin-walled structures (lightweight construction) and solids (e.g. cast parts)
  • Greater freedom in the creation of variants through the use of geometrical models (geometry morphing) instead of mesh-based modifications (mesh morphing)
  • Faster calculations through efficient replacement models (FE beams for NVH and CRASH applications) which are fed back into the 3D geometry following optimization
  • Geometry de-featuring to remove details that are not relevant for the simulation without losing the starting geometry
  • Thanks to the associative nature of the function, the optimized CAE models are available in FCM in the form of modified CAD data. They can be converted in accordance with the customer’s design guidelines or can be transformed into CATIA data suitable for use by the engineering department. This means that the design engineers can continue working with their familiar model structures following each validation.