We help enterprises in the automotive engineering and transport industries develop their products faster. To do this, we reliably link the worlds of engineering and simulation. With our tools, you spend less time evaluating more variants and get to the optimum solution quicker than ever before.


Fast Concept Modelling (FCM) is a suite of tools that is seamlessly integrated into CATIA and used for functional validation at every phase of the product engineering process. It provides tools for fast model creation, the simple derivation of design sections, together with the CAE-compatible preparation of geometries for CRASH, NVH, acoustic and multibody simulations, flow (CFD) and fatigue analyses, and multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO).


Outstanding performance

FCMS supports customers during the CAE-compatible parameterization of their product models, while performing simulation and optimization and with the feedback of the optimized geometry into the engineering process. Using our methods, you can prepare the geometry in a way that makes it immediately available for the automated computation of different product variants and identification of the optimum shape and topology.



In the field of automotive engineering and other sectors of the transport industry, the FCM tool suite ensures end-to-end processes, from design engineering through to simulation. It is used, for example, for the multidisciplinary optimization of bodywork and components in vehicle construction, the configuration of bogies and railcar bodies, the computation of weld seams in motorcycles, and weight optimization in the aviation industry.

Markets & Customers

Proven in practice

The Hyundai Kia Automotive Group is setting standards in the field of e-mobility. Using the Hyundai i30 platform, the company’s stylists and engineers designed Hyundai’s HED-8 i-oniq electric concept car that has created a sensation due to the principles behind its drive technology as well as to the design of its bodywork and interior. It was possible to validate the functioning of the innovative bodywork concept extremely quickly using FCM.